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Last updated on Jan 03, 2024.



Membership Local Conditions

1. Maximum Reward:

The maximum reward may not exceed ¢290,000/year.


2. Payment Methods and Currency

a. Payment methods accepted by Visa, Master Card and Amex (debit card, credit card).

b. Payment currency at Costarrican Colon (CRC).

c. Payment methods accepted at Club cashiers: Cash, Visa, Master Card and Amex.


3. Membership Prices*

Diamond Membership: Annual Payment US$39,55 VAT Included, includes one card for the cardholder and an additional card.

Diamond Platinum Membership: Annual Payment US$84,75 VAT Included, includes one card for the cardholder and an additional card.

Business Membership: Annual Payment US$39,55 VAT Included, includes card one for the cardholder and an additional card. Up to 3 additional cards available at US$11,30 VAT Included each.
Business Platinum Membership: Annual Payment US$84,75 VAT Included, includes one card for the cardholder and an additional card. Up to three additional cards available at US$16,95 each.


Membership prices are paid in costarrican colones according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Costa Rica on the day of purchase. Check the amount in local currency at the exchange rate of the day on our  Membership page.


4. Online Purchase Rewards and FarmaCash accumulation

All purchases on, PriceSmart app and any associated channels will accumulate Platinum membership rewards as per Membership terms and conditions. Members, holders of a co-branded credit card in Costa Rica, will accumulate FarmaCash for both their online and inclub purchases.


5. Legal age to purchase/renew a membership, purchase alcohol and tobacco products

In Costa Rica, a person is considered of legal age when they are 18 years of age or older. Online and in-club purchases of restricted items, including but not limited to alcohol and tobacco, must comply with the local legal age defined to acquire these goods, which, in the case of Costa Rica, is 18 years of age or older.


Other Conditions

1. About the cobranded credit card conditions during Smart Week

Restrictions apply. Promotion valid for purchases made between November 20 and 26, 2023, in PriceSmart Clubs in Costa Rica. The minimum purchase amount is ₡200,000, with no maximum purchase. Valid only with the PriceSmart VISA BAC credit card. It does not apply to fractional purchases, nor purchases of Grocery, Food Service, Optical or Pharmacies. See terms and conditions at

2. About the Home Delivery Service for Large Size and Heavy Weight Items

Home delivery is a service provided by PriceSmart to deliver orders and items that because of their size and weight (+9.5 cubic feet and/or +100lbs) are not eligible for Standard Delivery (Next day) or Express Delivery (Same Day). 

These deliveries are scheduled 3 times a week and follow the same distance limitation of that of our other delivery services. These may vary by country. 

For PriceSmart to provide the Home Delivery service some conditions must be met: 

1. Members must confirm that product or products purchased can be handled and pass through the access tunnel to your final address, whether they are door frames, elevators, stairs, corridors, or any other physical restriction of the property where the delivery will be made. 

2. The product will be left in the Lobby or first floor if it is delivered to a building. If the building has a suitable freight elevator within which the product can be transported, the delivery staff will help you get the item up to the designated floor. If the delivery is to a residence, the delivery personnel could deposit the product in the place selected by the member if the conditions mentioned previously are met. 

3. For the safety of the people in charge of the delivery and protection of the product, it will only be properly handled with its original packaging until the final delivery site. 

4. Once the product is at the disired adress, the member must remove the packaging and examine the product carefully, it must arrive in perfect condition without any damages.  If the member is satisfied, he or she must sign the delivery documents or the delivery application as proof that the item has beed delivered in perfect condition. 

5. If the item is not in perfect condition the member must not accept it and return it to the delivery personnel, detailing the reasons for non-acceptance in writing in the delivery form or application. 

6. The member must guarantee the reception and attention to the Home Delivery staff on the agreed delivery date. If the delivery cannot be concluded due to non-compliance or non-availability of the member, a second delivery will be scheduled with an additional charge that the member must pay. 

7. If the member lives an apartment or the delivery is any type of building, the member is responsible to comply with all restrictions and regulations.  In the case that the delivery can’t be executed because of a noncompliance with the building’s regulations; an additional charge would be made for failed delivery that must be assumed by the member. 

8. PriceSmart assumes the responsibility to deliver the purchased product in perfect condition to the address assigned by the member, only if the member complies with the conditions stated above. 

9. At the time of purchase, the member will be informed of the day of delivery, but not the exact time. 

10. Delivery personnel are not authorized to handle the product other than the delivery item(s). Tasks such as installations, disassembling doors or any other task will not be carried out. 

11. Products will not be delivered through entrances other than those of normal transit, PriceSmart does not perform entrance maneuvers through balconies, windows or accesses other than those of normal transit of the place of delivery. 

12. If the product cannot be delivered through the normal entrance tunnel, the product will be delivered to the property's concierge only with authorization and under the responsibility of the member. 

13. The delivery personnel will not receive any economic or any other incentive from the member, they are also not authorized to perform tasks other than the delivery and those specified in agreement  document. 

14. No packaged product will be delivered; PriceSmart´s responsibility is to deliver the product in optimal physical condition and unpack for the member to inspect. 

15. The delivery staff is committed to offer the best possible service to the member; PriceSmart´s interest is to provide the member with an outstanding shopping experience.  

16. The delivery service will only cover the urban area of ​​the city where the purchase was done. To verify coverage of other cities, please consult with sales floor staff or Click & Go Staff


6. PriceSmart Tire Center Conditions 

Tire/Battery Warranty Form 

Available to the original member who purchased Passenger and/or Truck/SUV tires that are purchased and installed at PriceSmart. Warranty covers manufacture defects on the tire tread area for tire(s) that are installed at PriceSmart. Warranty coverage is based on the remaining tread at the time of failure. The warranty does not apply to tires that are repairable. This plan is available under the following conditions: The member must be the original purchaser, have an active PriceSmart membership, ensure correct mechanical maintenance of their vehicle that does not directly affect the tires, and must present the original warranty form and invoice. 

PriceSmart Warranty Protection Plan 

The protection plan includes Rotations and Balances every 10,000 KMS or 6 months and flat/puncture repair at no cost as long as the damage and tire meet the recommended conditions for repair. (It is necessary to present this warranty form and original invoice for these services). 

PriceSmart will repair tires with tread damage no greater than ¼’ in diameter, and with more than 2/32 of an inch remaining tread (per tread gauge). The protection plan is not applicable on a tire(s) with cuts, non-repairable puncture or impact damage, including vandalism or damage incurred in accidents. 

This protection plan does not replace or modify any original manufacturer's warranty against defects in workmanship and material. When the protection plan is applied the member will be given credit for the purchase of a new tire on a pro-rated basis based on remaining tread of the tire. 

The usable tread of a tire is the original tread depth minus 2/32 of an inch, (according to tread gauge). 

The member must submit the claim to the PriceSmart club with their invoice and warranty form and the damaged tire must accompany the claim. Member is required to sign PriceSmart's return receipt. 

The Protection Plan does NOT cover: A) Damage due to vandalism or other intentional reason, B) Tires transferred and installed on a different vehicle, C) Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of the vehicle or consequential damage, E) DOES NOT COVER DAMAGE TO SIDEWALLS OF THE TIRE. 

As a condition of this plan, the member is required to make sure that their vehicle is in optimal mechanical conditions and that the tires be properly installed, balanced, rotated, and operating at proper air pressure to obtain maximum mileage use from the tire. The air pressure of the tires including the spare should be checked at least once a month. 

Clubs in Costa Rica that offer alignment services: 6401 – Zapote / 6402 - Escazú / 6403 – Heredia / 6404- Llorente / 6405 – Alajuela / 6406 – Tres Ríos / 6408 – Liberia 

Clubs in Costa Rica that don´t offer alignment services: 6407 – Santa Ana.


4. Terms and Conditions – Free delivery JVC TV´s Costa Rica 

 About Free Delivery on JVC TC´s in Costa Rica  

 This program is organized and conducted by PriceSmart Inc. and PriceSmart Costa Rica, and will be governed by the following conditions:  

1.Program valid for Costa Rica.  

2. This program consists of PriceSmart Inc. giving members access to free delivery on selected items through, on purchases placed between June 27 and July 31, 2023. These savings apply only for Standard Delivery (Next Day Delivery). All orders placed on July 31st, 2023 after 6:00 p.m. local time will be processed the following day with regular charges.  

3. Savings apply to a specific selection of products, available on the promotional page of the campaign during the period described above, with no limit on the number of orders per membership, within the limits defined by the terms and conditions of this program and the default website, subject to inventory, while supplies last. No interest payments available in clubs, do not apply.  

4. Orders or products outside the specific selection for this program, showcased on the promotional page mentioned above, that due to their dimensions and weight are considered high volume (0.29 m3 or more) do not apply to Standard and Express Delivery. High volume orders and those that include large volume items will be processed manually and the corresponding partners will be contacted to provide an alternative shipping option at an additional cost.  

5. All orders placed within the promotional period will be processed according to the conditions given for the online purchase service in the About the Online Purchase and Club Pickup Service Platform (Click and Go and Standard Delivery, it doesn´t apply to Express Delivery) section of the Policies and Returns described herein. The area of coverage will be subject to change at PriceSmart's discretion, and it will be the sole responsibility of PriceSmart to sufficiently communicate such circumstance, and participants will not be able to claim any type of damage or harm at that time. 

6.The program will be executed subject to the user and traffic handling capacity, capacity and limitations of  

7. The program will only apply to active members during the promotional period. Inactive members who wish to participate may renew their membership online or at their preferred club at any time before or during the promotional period to participate in the benefit.  

8. This program applies to payment methods available at in this country.  

9. This program does not apply to customers with inactive or cancelled PriceSmart memberships.  

10.. PriceSmart Inc. and PriceSmart Costa Rica will immediately suspend the promotion, without assuming any responsibility, at its discretion, if it deems necessary, if fraud such as alterations, substitutions or any other irregularity is detected in the development of the promotion, use of the membership and in the receipt and processing of the determination in the payment registry.  

11. If, in the event of an act of God or force majeure, PriceSmart Inc. is forced to suspend, temporarily or permanently, the present promotion, its responsibility will only be to sufficiently communicate such circumstance, and participants will not be able to claim any type of damage or harm up to that moment.  

12. Participants agree in advance to accept this benefit under the conditions under which Pricesmart Inc. has chosen it, without the right to claim improvements or changes in any way.  

13. Participants release PriceSmart Inc. from all liability, in the understanding that they decide to participate in the program individually and at their own free will and risk, and therefore accept and declare that they understand all of the above clauses and that they waive any claim for any damages, loss or harm that may be caused by the use, enjoyment or abuse of the benefits of this program.  

14. Participants are deemed to be informed of any addition or clarification to these Rules and Regulations with the sole publication made by PriceSmart Inc. on its website in this same space.  


For more information or questions about this promotion, please contact our Member Services Department. 


5. Juntos por la Educación

Donations are not tax-deductible. Maximum matching amount US$185.000 according to the applicable exchange rate on the closing day of the campaign.